Drops – Lime 20 Piece (Balanced)

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20 pieces per package. 5mg THC each.

~ Made with Live Rosin ~

About this strain: Chem Dog

Chemdog HybridTHC: 9-21.8% Chem Dog is the original Chem Dog, reportedly one of four seeds sprouted by a Grateful Dead fan named Chemdog in 1991. The others are called Chem’s Sister, Chem Dog D, and an unknown fourth that was disposed of, according to several sources. Chem Dog, also known as Chem Dog 91, Chemdawg, Chemdawg 91, Chem 91, 91 Chem, and Chemdawg 91 Skunk VA, is descended from an unknown lineage that probably contains Nepali and Thai genetics. The top reported aromas of Chem Dog are pungent earth, diesel, pine, and citrus. It’s said to taste similar.

  • Happy

  • Relax

  • Uplifted

  • Woody

  • Earthy

  • Diesel

Category Name: Edibles
Brand Name: EverDrop
Gram: 0
THC: 100%

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