Cannabis-infused candy available from MJDirect is not just your common sweet treat. It is a sugar-based edible infused with cannabis. Unlike regular candy, this one is made for a light chew, which allows absorption through the mouth. This gradually enters into the bloodstream and provides an extended experience before the high kicks in all while maintaining potency.

These cannabis-infused candies are newer forms of edibles, which offer milder THC content compared to traditional marijuana. They are excellent for occasional pain relief, anxiety management, and promoting relaxation. It is crucial to be mindful of the THC dosage in each candy to avoid overindulgence, as the effects are subtle than smoking marijuana. When you explore these candies, especially from MJDirect, enjoy the experience at your own pace.

What is the Cannabis infused candy?

Buy Cannabis-infused candy is a type of edible infused with cannabis oil or dried flower. It has a similar flavor to peanut butter. These candies follow traditional candy recipes and are made of 3 main ingredients:

  • Cannabis oil: The key element containing cannabinoids, which is responsible for the cannabis effects.
  • Glycerin: Another ingredient used in the production of candies
  • Sugar: The primary sweetening component in the candy.

Some products may also include corn syrup. When consumed, these candies dissolve slowly in the mouth. This facilitates sublingual absorption where cannabinoids are released into the bloodstream beneath the tongue. This delivery method will allow for a slow onset effect, which will last several hours and provide less harm compared to smoking or vaporizing.

How does the Cannabis infused candy work?

The way Cannabis-infused candy works is similar to the process of buccal absorption. These candies are made with cannabis oil which is packed with cannabinoids like THC and CBD. When you chew the candy, the cannabis oil gets absorbed into your mouth. The cannabinoids from the oild are then placed under your tongue or swirled around in your mouth until they turn into a liquid. The oil dissolves in your mouth and goes straight into your bloodstream, which brings fast relief from pain or anxiety. The effect can stick around for a long time up to 6 to 10 hours.  

Cannabis Candy

What things you consider in good cannabis-infused candy?

When you are selecting cannabis-infused candies from our store, consider the following things.

  • Check how quickly you feel the effects after consuming the candy.
  • Assess the potency of THC or CBD in the candy, depending upon your preference.
  • Look out for any additional ingredients that may trigger allergies.
  • Consider how long the effects will last, which is important if you are looking for pain relief properties.
  • Be cautious with candies exceeding 160 calories, as they could have health implications.

If you plan to consume multiple candies, explore MJDirects products and refer to our specific guidelines for 1oz or 30 ml edibles.

Is the cannible-infused candy worth the hype?

Cannabis-infused candies contain less THC than regular ones, which makes it a milder edible option. While being “light” on THC, these candies are still potent enough to deliver a satisfying high. These candies are sugar-based and meant for chewing, which offers a delightful way to consume cannabis. The THC or CBD potency varies among products. Some may have higher concentrations, while others may be milder. Always check the label for accurate information. THC brings psychoactive effects, while CBD is known for its therapeutic properties. Both can provide relief for various medical conditions. Before diving in, consult your doctor to ensure THC or CBD is suitable for your needs. Discuss potential side effects and follow all product label warnings. 

Considering cannabis infused candy from MJDirect? Dive into the experience, keeping these key points in mind for a safe and enjoyable journey.

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