Marijuana has a psychoactive component, THC, which stimulates the area of the brain that reacts to pleasures like feasting and sex. As a result, Dopamine, a hormone that releases a feeling of euphoria or relaxation is released. People consume marijuana by smoking, vaporizing, or eating food with marijuana cooked as an ingredient. Besides giving pleasure this weed has numerous health benefits. As per study reports among adults reasons for consumption were recreational use only (38%)recreational and medical use (33%) and medical use only (38%)

Cannabis flowers are priced by grams and eights. While a gram is the smallest unit of weed you can purchase at a time, an ounce is the legal limit of possession in the US. A person purchases a unit as per his needs or consumption habits.

Cannabis flowers are sold in increments within an ounce. An individual can purchase them in smaller increments Even pre rolls are priced in grams.

In the USA every state has different laws for cultivation, use, and consumption. Medical cannabis is legal in 38 states while adult-use cannabis is legal in 18 states. If you are curious about trying cannabis make sure to understand the laws of that area. Also, talk to a doctor or pharmacist to make sure it won’t interact with the medications or supplements you take.

Here is a guide to weighing weeds


Gram is the smallest unit of measurement for purchasing weed. Consumers who are trying a new strain or are just occasional consumers usually purchase weed in grams.


An eighth refers to an eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams of weed. Most consumers prefer this unit. By buying an eighth people feel assured they have enough weed at their disposal. At the same time, it is not a huge quantity that you have to consume in haste before its expiry date.


A quarter of weed refers to a quarter of an ounce and weighs approximately 7 grams. Technically a quarter weighs 7.0874 grams but as an industrial practice, it is rounded down to 7 grams.


Half refers to half of an ounce and weighs around 14 grams.


One ounce contains 28.3 grams of weed but is rounded down to 28 grams. An ounce is the largest unit of weed that a consumer can buy from a dispensary at a time. However, people within the cannabis industry like buyers or dispensary owners are permitted to make purchases in pounds and kilograms.


A pound of cannabis contains 16 ounces of weed. On average, a pound of weed lasts for a year for an average smoker. Such large quantities can only be available to growers of cannabis flowers or dispensary owners.

Slang terms for weed measurements

A dime bag is a slang term for a small plastic bag of weed containing 1 gram of cannabis. Among weed measurements, Dime Bag has witnessed a major dip as there is a surge in cannabis pre-packed in eighths.

A dub is two grams of marijuana. A dub sack costs twice as much and has twice the quantity of a dime bag. A dub sack may be  20$ worth of weed.

A slice refers to an eighth of weed or 3.5 grams

A zip of weed means an ounce of weed or roughly 28 grams. The slang term originated as an ounce of weed is fitted in a Ziploc bag, but others differ saying zip comes from an abbreviation for an ounce.

How to buy the right amount of weed

Buying marijuana is not a daunting task as all you need to know is a simple calculation. You just need to figure out how much to buy to meet your needs. For various reasons, both new consumers and seasoned users may purchase cannabis in lesser quantities. Say you want to experience a new strain of weed, a gram of weed, and one-gram pre-rolls are great options. In case you want to smoke several strains for reasons then buying in grams is the best option.

If you feel pre-rolls offered as singles or in packs are the most practical way to consume cannabis, then keep in mind a flower doesn’t offer you a variety of flavors or aromas as a freshly rolled joint. Buy singles or catch up with a group of friends to help you finish a larger pack so you don’t end up with a drawer full of dried-out joints.

Eights are the ideal units if you are a regular cannabis user but not willing to stick to one strain for the long term. The majority of artisanal brands sell their flower in eighth-jar packages, making premium cannabis affordable for most cannabis users. Depending on the legal market you are in, an eighth of an ounce can cost between $ 30 to $70, compared to ounces that can cost hundreds of dollars.

An ounce may seem the right choice if you are accustomed to different strains or consume marijuana more frequently in your daily routine. But first, experiment with a quarter or a half ounce of marijuana to see how quickly you consume it before increasing your stash from an eighth to a full ounce.

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