The smallest measurement of dried flower is a gram, also known as a dime bag or dub in slang. The amount of marijuana you require entirely depends on how much marijuana you intend to consume each day, but one gram is more than enough to make one substantial joint.

A gram of marijuana can be any size, from the size of a walnut to a kumquat, depending on the density of the nugs. Ask them to get out a scale and weigh it again if they try to sell you a gram of marijuana the size of a tiny organic blueberry.

Simply put, “an eighth” refers to 3.5 grams, or an eighth of an ounce, of marijuana.

What is the ratio of an eighth to a diagram?

In concrete terms, an eighth of marijuana can yield seven smaller, half-gram joints, three full-gram joints, and one half-gram joint. You can roll two to three blunts or several spliffs with one-eighth of marijuana. You can either prepare a large amount of cannabis butter or pack at least six bowls. 

The typical cost of an eighth of marijuana can fluctuate from $30 to $70 depending on where you get it—whether you’re in downtown Los Angeles, the wilderness of Maine, or urban Denver. Compare menus at dispensaries and do some research to locate the most affordable marijuana for your requirements. You can also browse our sales page since you’re currently at Weedmaps to see offers nearby.

Have you ever heard or seen the expression “5-gram eighth” and wondered how dispensaries got away with altering the metric system? This is related to deals. The good news is that they aren’t attempting to deceive you. They’re just trying to offer you more marijuana. The price for an eighth of cannabis weighing five grams is described. For instance, for the purchase of an eighth of that strain, a customer who chooses a 5-gram eighth will receive 5 grams of cannabis. Any eighth that weighs more than 3.5 grams is essentially free marijuana.

An eighth is merely a shortened term for 3.5 grams, or an eighth of an ounce, of marijuana.


A quarter of an ounce of marijuana, or 7 grams, is the same as a quarter of an ounce of weed. A quarter ounce of marijuana is sufficient for five to seven blunts and a collection of joints, to put that into context. To get a half-ounce or 14 grams, multiply that amount by two. A half or an O are other names for this amount. You can roll seven to fourteen blunts or enough joints to make you queasy with a half-ounce. 


Most uncommon and sought-after marijuana weight of all. That much marijuana would deplete the average cannabis user’s money account and satiate them for a full year. Cannabis flower, often known as a pack or an elbow, costs up to $3,000 a pound.


Technically. 113.4 grams of marijuana equals a one-quarter pound. You can also Think of a quarter-pound as four ounces because there are 16 ounces in a pound. (Have our maths prowess yet wowed you?) Additionally, quarter-pounds are frequently referred to as QP for short because stoners have a slang term for everything.


With this cannabis weight, the clue is undoubtedly in the name. The half-pound, which is the next increment from the quarter-pound, weighs 226.8 grams. Cannabis weighing eight ounces, or half a pound, is sometimes referred to colloquially as a half-pack or half-pounder.


One pound is the rarest and most sought-after cannabis weight of all, weighing around 453 grams or 16 ounces. That’s enough pot to last a year for the average cannabis consumer — and leave a huge dent in their bank account. A pound of cannabis flower can cost up to $3,000 and is known as a pack or an elbow.

How to Make a Local Order

Although grams are the international weed measurement, how you refer to different cannabis weights varies depending on where you live. Unsurprisingly, many countries employ different slang names to refer to marijuana. So, if you want to shop like a local, you need to also talk like one.

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