Vaping Weed

Cannabis and cannabis-related products are hitting the market shelves like never before. The boom comes after several states acknowledged the relevance of cannabis. Several authorized disperancies have opened their stores to the public with options of recreational or medical cannabis. In the last few years, consumers have taken to social media to share their cannabis-related experiences.

Every year festivals are held to reward people who develop innovative methods of consuming cannabis. Popular methods of cannabis consumption include Smoking, Vaping, or mixing it with food.

What is Vaping Cannabis?

An electronic cigarette is a battery-operated device that emits a vaporized solution for inhaling..Vaping is the process of inhaling this solution. Other names for vaping devices include e-cigarettes,e-hookahs, vaporizers, cigarettes, vapes, and vape pens.

How do E-cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes have a mouthpiece fixed to the end of a tube. Inside the mouthpiece is a small cup holding concentrates soaked in a liquid solution. The cigarette atomizer warms the liquid causing it to vaporize.A battery in the cigarettes powers the heating process..When the user sucks on the device the sensor in the cigarette activates.

Vaping devices contain a variety of cannabis extracts or concentrates in various formats. The popular solution is distillate, a highly refined oil with THC or CBD components. Special concentrates like CO2 oil, shatter, and full-spectrum extracts contain diverse cannabinoids.

Depending on the level of concentration and strains used each strain provides a unique experience. 

Difference between Smoking and Vaping 

Substances in tobacco smoke can cause serious illnesses including lung, heart disease, and stroke However vaping exposes users to far fewer toxicities than cigarette smoking. Vapes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two harmful substances used in tobacco smoke.

Pregnant women should refrain from vaping. Reports suggest vaping poses the same risks as chemical smoking does. Vaping during pregnancy can cause low birth weight and cause several damage to the developing fetus

What are the benefits of vaping cannabis?

Vaping Weed

Vaping is 95%  safer than smoking

A health journal has published that vaping is 95% safer than conventional smoking. The report supports the claim that the use of vaping devices is safer than smoking methods.

There has been controversy regarding the use of e-cigarettes and its health risks. However, these findings have brought relief to the vaper community.

Flavors with different taste

E-liquid comes in a variety of flavors. The options are limitless.

E liquids are available in many flavors including a variety of fruits, desserts, beverages, mint, and tobacco. The flavors of E-liquid are trendy among the users. While some have gone to the extent of creating their own flavors.

Pre-used vapes are not dangerous

Studies show that preused smoke is harmful to smokers including their close ones. In contrast, vaping is not as dangerous because vapors don’t contain harmful chemicals and disappear quickly making pre-used vapor safe to inhale.

However, Health professionals suggest avoiding vaping around patients and children to be on the safe side.

Does not emit noxious odors

One of the biggest benefits of vaping is it does not smell smoke. Vaping has an aroma however it does not leave a stench like cigarettes. Even tobacco vaping does not emit any smell.

The heating of e-solutions with great flavors leaves a pleasant smell for a short time. 

Regulates nicotine intake

E-liquids come in a range of components from zero nicotine to high concentrations of nicotine. The amount of nicotine intake is in your control. If you feel like quitting nicotine you can easily act on it. Reduce the intake of nicotine and gradually you can stop nicotine. However, this is something not possible with cigarette smoking.

Easily Available

If you are a regular or just started vaping there is a regular supply of vape products. These days you can find vape products online, in vape stores in convenience stores.

Sense of instant satisfaction 

Vaping induces a feel-good experience by stimulating the chemical in the brain called dopamine.Dopamine in the brain is responsible for feelings of pleasure and relaxation.

Quit vaping at your wish

E liquids offer you a wide range of choices. This choice allows you to have control over nicotine intake. Whenever you feel like quitting high-strength nicotine you can gradually decrease the dose and bring it to a nicotine-free solution. So it’s nice to get rid of nicotine with a vape.

Drawbacks of vaping

  • Too many options make it an overwhelming experience
  • The health effects of vaping and vaping devices are a controversial topic
  • Stringent rules in parts of the world to curb the use of E-cigarettes.


Vaping is just another method of administering cannabis. Vaping is less harmful than cigarette smoking. The liquid solution in a vape comes in a variety of flavors. Vaping does not leave a stench but gives an aroma for a short time. Unlike smoking, you can quit vaping whenever you choose.

If you have any concerns related to vaping or you are undergoing medical treatment, consult your medical specialist and make an informed decision.

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