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Blueberry Mac 5 Pack Pre Rolls 2.5g

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Every Maven pre roll is packed with our premium indoor flower and natural unbleached rolling paper for a flavorful, consistent, and smooth smoke. Blueberry Mac, the result of one of our most exciting collaborations with Happy Dreams Genetics, is a hybrid cross of MAC with our very own Blueberry Skittles, is an extremely flavorful and hard-hitting strain. Its aroma is strong, sweet, and sugary with notes of fresh berries and buttercream, complemented by a flavor profile just ass bold and warm. The smoke on this one is reminiscent of a fresh baked good, with creamy and slightly earthy notes upon exhalation. While the body is relaxed, the mind is uplifted and carried off into a state of hazy bliss.

About this strain: Blueberry,

Blueberry, commonly known as DJ Short Blueberry, is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain created by legendary breeder DJ Short. The strain was bred by crossing a male Afghani landrace, only one generation removed from Afghanistan, with two Thai females — Highland Thai (aka Juicy Fruit) and Purple Thai — which he claims produced virtually identical results. Blueberry reportedly grows medium-to-tall in a 49-56 day flowering period, producing THC levels that range between 16% to 24%. Best grown indoors,especially using the Sea of Green method, the strain tends to produce above-average yields of dense, sticky, purple-hued buds. When cured properly, this strain reportedly gives off an aroma and taste that resemble fresh blueberries. Though DJ Short was the initial breeder of Blueberry, other seed banks have also experimented with this strain with great success. For instance, a Blueberry strain produced by the Noon won Best Indica and best strain overall in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, while another Blueberry strain from Dutch Passion Seed Co. won third place in the Indica Cup at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup.

  • Happy

  • Relax

  • Sleepy

  • Berry

  • Blue Berry

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Brand Name: Maven Genetics
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