COTC | Live Resin Cartridge | Hassionfruit (1g)

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As unique as its name, Hassionfruit has quite the lineage; Platinum Cookies crossed with GDP, then crossed with Blue Power and Gelatti. This sativa leaning strain has a spicy, piney flavor and aroma with an earthy smooth exhale. Thanks to the high amounts of myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, Hassionfruit has a focused high with muscle relaxing properties. An excellent strain to puff on while studying for your exams. 

Total Terpenes: 11.68% 

Sum of Cannabinoids: 90.21% 

Total THC: 88% 

The COTC Signature Cartridge features a ceramic core with no burn technology and a borosilicate glass body filled with 100% Live Resin Oil, no distillate, from our award winning genetics. 


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Category Name: Vape pens
Brand Name: Cream of the Crop
Gram: 3.5
THC: 88%

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