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First Klass Funk 1.2 g Green Unpressed Hash (Sabertooth)

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LINEAGE: GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato

TASTE: Citrus, Spicy, Cheesy

FEELING: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric

FARM: Sabertooth farms 


CULTIVATION STYLE: Outdoor, Sungrown

1.2g - 660 mg THC per package

4% terpenes

Cultivated by Sabertooth farms - the first Envirocann - EnvirOganic Certified Farm from Humboldt.

First Class Funk is an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain made by crossing GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato. Reviewers on Leafly say First Class Funk makes them feel euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed. The dominant terpene in this strain is limonene, which creates a spicy, gassy nose. The original breeder of First Class Funk is Compound Genetics.

About this strain: GMO

Contrary to what you might think, GMO Cookies is not a genetically modified organism but a cross between Chemdawg D and a GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) Forum cut. Also known as GMO or Garlic Cookies, GMO Cookies has been attributed to the breeder Mamiko Seeds, but this skunky phenotype has also been said to have been discovered by a breeder named skunkmasterflex. While Mamiko seems to have called it just GMO, dispensaries were understandably wary of having that “GMO” label on their shelves and went with Garlic Cookies instead. GMO Cookies is said to carry a flavor of garlic, mushroom, and onion that descends from its Chemdawg lineage. Divine Genetics also has a strain that’s a cross of Chemdawg #4 and GSC that it calls Chem Cookies. Despite the similar genetics, it appears to be a different strain with different phenotypes for both parents, although it’s worth noting that some people do confuse two strains. GMO Cookies is said to produce olive green buds with bits of purple and orange blanketed by a mantle of trichomes.

  • Happy

  • Relax

  • Uplifted

Category Name: Concentrates
Brand Name: NASHA
Gram: 1
THC: 0%

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