KushCo | Sour Power (3.5g)

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KushCo presents Sour Power OG, a remarkable strain bred by the renowned Karma Genetics. This extraordinary hybrid is the result of blending Karma's Biker Kush with HortiLab's Sour Power.

Sour Power, crafted by HortiLab Seeds, is a potent fusion of Star Bud and East Coast Sour Diesel. The buds boast an earthy, woody fragrance, enveloped in a captivating hint of skunk. Notably, Sour Power secured HortiLab Seeds first prize at three distinct High Times Cannabis Cup competitions.

Experience the exceptional lineage and award-winning qualities of Sour Power OG, brought to you by KushCo. Delve into the rich terpene profile and powerful effects that have earned this strain its well-deserved accolades.

Category Name: Flower
Brand Name: KushCompany
Gram: 3.5
THC: 35%

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