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Kushy Punch | Sugar-Free Watermelon Indica Gummy (100mg)

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Kushy Punch | Sugar-Free Watermelon Indica Gummy (100mg)

Experience the tranquil embrace of Kushy Punch's Sugar-Free Watermelon Indica Gummy. Crafted by professional confectionery chefs, this sugar-free gummy features a delightful watermelon flavor and contains a robust 100mg of THC, offering a controlled and soothing cannabis experience without the added sugars.

Key Features:

  • Watermelon Indica Flavor: Indulge in the juicy and refreshing taste of watermelon, perfectly complemented by the calming effects of an indica strain.
  • 100mg THC: Enjoy a substantial dose of 100mg THC, providing a controlled and satisfying experience with each sugar-free gummy.
  • Indica: Immerse yourself in the tranquil and relaxing effects of an indica strain, ideal for unwinding and promoting restful sleep.
  • Full Spectrum Oil: Benefit from the rich array of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and lipids found in full spectrum oil, enhancing the entourage effect for an elevated experience.
  • Sugar-Free: Relish in a guilt-free treat, as this gummy is crafted without added sugars, making it an ideal choice for those mindful of their sugar intake.
  • Crafted by Professional Chefs: Made with high-grade gelatin leaf, natural flavor extracts, and essential oils, this sugar-free gummy ensures superb quality and taste.
  • Non-GMO, Free From Peanuts, Dairy, Gluten, and Fat: Crafted with health-conscious ingredients, this gummy is free from peanuts, dairy, gluten, and fat.

Experience the sweet tranquility of Sugar-Free Watermelon Indica with Kushy Punch's Gummy—where each bite promises a delightful infusion of flavor and relaxation with fast-acting THC activation.

Category Name: Edibles
Brand Name: Kushy Punch
THC: 100%

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