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Mendo Punch 1.2 g Blue Pressed Hash (East Mill Creek farms)

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LINEAGE: Mendo Breath x Purple Punch F2

TASTE: Funk, Vanilla, Honey, Caramel.

FEELING: Cerebral, Relaxed

FARM: East Mill Creek farms

PLACE GROWN: Petrolia Humboldt, CA

CULTIVATION STYLE: Outdoor, Sungrown, Native soil


1.2g - 840 mg per package

Terpenoids: 5%

Cultivated by East Mill Creek farms, a Humboldt County family farmstead that is nurturing Soil-grown, hand-crafted cannabis.

Mendo Punch results as a cross between Mendo Breath and Purple Punch. Mendo Breath is an easy-going indica dominant strain. Bred by Gage Green Genetics, this smooth indica-dominant strain is part OG Kush Breath (also known as OGKB) and part exceedingly rare Mendo Montage. It has a briny, mixed with funky vanilla and caramel tones aroma, and a potent body high. The effects of the Mendo Punch strain leave consumers feeling happy, euphoric, relaxed, creative, and uplifted. 

Category Name: Concentrates
Brand Name: NASHA
Gram: 1
THC: 840%

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