OutCo | Black Ice (3.5g)

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OutCo | Black Ice (3.5g)

Immerse yourself in the cool and captivating experience of OutCo's Black Ice, a meticulously crafted 3.5g package of cannabis. This strain offers a unique and invigorating flavor profile, promising a sensory journey that sets it apart. As you delve into the effects, Black Ice, with its balanced hybrid nature, seamlessly blends the best of indica and sativa characteristics. Cultivated with precision by OutCo, each bud reflects a commitment to quality, ensuring a consistently exceptional cannabis encounter. Elevate your moments with the cool allure of Black Ice, where the fusion of flavor and effects creates a truly distinctive and refreshing cannabis experience.


About this strain: Black Ice Info

  • Happy

  • Relax

  • Sleepy

Category Name: Flower
Brand Name: Terp Brand
Gram: 3.5
THC: 0%

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