Signature Cannabis Cartridge | Lemon Cherry Gelato (1g)

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Signature Cannabis Cartridge | Lemon Cherry Gelato (1g) - Vape Pens

Indulge in a vaping experience of sophistication with Signature Cannabis Cartridge in Lemon Cherry Gelato, elegantly presented in a convenient 1g format for vape pens. This distinguished cartridge captures the essence of Lemon Cherry Gelato, offering a sensory journey with each inhale. Meticulously crafted, the cartridge delivers a perfect fusion of flavor and potency, showcasing the delightful citrus and cherry profile characteristic of Lemon Cherry Gelato. Signature Cannabis's unwavering commitment to excellence is apparent in every nuance of this cartridge, from its enticing aroma to its smooth and satisfying vapor. Elevate your vaping experience with Lemon Cherry Gelato, where refinement meets unparalleled quality in every 1g vape pen cartridge.

Category Name: Vape pens
Brand Name: Terp Brand
Gram: 1
THC: 0%

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