YK Drops - Tasty Taro 300mg CBN : 240mg CBD : 60mg THC

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*NEW* Tasty Taro 300MG CBN | 240MG CBD | 60MG THC


Are you ready for the dreamiest nights rest? Kick your nightmares to the curb with this sweet mixture of CBN, CBD, and THC with calming chamomile, soothing lavender, magnesium to relax the nervous system, and our new tasty taro flavor. This new sleep formula featuring CBN will help you softly float off to dreamland, and keep you asleep all night long.


Good for:

catching up on self care | sleeping in | early morning meeting prep



Sweet | Creamy | Light


Store in a cool, dry place. Shake well. Drop desired dose under your tongue. Let sit for 15-20 seconds, then swallow.

Category Name: Edibles
Brand Name: Yummi Karma
Gram: 0
THC: 60%

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