The cannabis product known as hash, or hashish, is created by separating the trichomes from the cannabis plant and crushing them into a solid. This material is far more potent than typical cannabis flowers since it is manufactured exclusively from trichomes, the component of the cannabis plant that contains THC and terpenes. Hash can range in color from reddish-tan to dark brown or black and in texture and consistency from a kind of chalky solid to something that nearly resembles a thick paste, depending on the type of cannabis plant being utilized and the method of preparation.

The oldest type of cannabis concentrate is likely hash. Although there is no consensus on the origins of hash, it is known that it was produced and consumed in regions such as Nepal, India, the Middle East, and areas of Northern Africa as early as the 12th century BC, if not before. Hash continues to be popular despite the recent growth in cannabis concentrates available on the market, notably in the Middle East and Europe and among consumers who produce their concentrates at home.

Hash is adaptable and simple to eat, which is one of the reasons it is so well-liked by users worldwide. Generally speaking, a hash can be smoked by mixing it with marijuana flower or another smokable herb, or it can be vaporized in a vaporizer or a dab rig.

What is required?


a marijuana flower or a metal screen if you wish to smoke hash by itself

your preferred pipe

hemp wick or lighter. (If you’re smoking your hash by itself, it’s advised that you use a strong lighter because hash frequently requires greater temperatures and longer-lasting heat.)

What you’ll need for a dab rig or vaporizer is:

Hash: Depending on how you plan to smoke the hash, you may require certain items. Some of the more popular methods are listed below:

In a blunt, joint, or spliff

What you’ll need for this approach is:

  • Hash
  • marijuana flower (or another herb that can be smoked)
  • blunt wrap or rolling paper
  • hemp wick or lighter

In a bong, bowl, bubbler, or spoon pipe

You’ll require materials like

Vaporizer (If it’s a dry herb vaporizer, make sure you’re using a vape made to handle concentrates or a specialized concentrates adaptor.)or a dab rig.

e-mail or a blowtorch (if a dab setup is being used).

Please be aware that not all kinds of hash will melt easily, making it challenging to dab or vape. If so, your hash will probably need to be processed a little bit further. The simplest way to achieve this is to place your hash in the center of a hair straightener, sandwiched between sheets of wax paper. Squeeze the wax paper and hash while the hair straightener is fully heated. Your non-melting hash will become a crude kind of rosin under pressure and heat, which should function much better in your dab rig.

Hot Knives 

  • Hash
  • Two knives made of metal.
  • blowtorch or hot stove.
  • water bottle made of plastic that has been sliced in half.

Detailed instructions

You will learn how to consume your hash using each of the ways described above in this section of the course.

In a blunt, joint, or spliff

Needed duration: ten minutes.

Learn how to smoke a joint, spliff, or blunt while using a hash.

1. Assemble the materials

What you’ll need for this approach is:


marijuana flower (or another herb that can be smoked).

blunt wrap or rolling paper.

hemp wick or lighter.

2. Erect the framework

Hash occasionally burns poorly, which is one of its intriguing qualities. You need to roll hash and flower-infused joints, spiffs, or blunts to fix this. Place a thin layer of flowers at the base of your rolling paper or wrap to begin.

3. Add a layer of hash

Try molding your piece of hash into a skinny cylinder that neatly rests on top of the flower to make it easier to handle.

4. Just a touch extra flower

To cover your hash, add a little additional flower on top.

5. Invert the joint

Like you typically would, roll up your blunt, joint, or spliff.

6. Vape it

Light your blunt, joint, or spiff, and start smoking. Given that you’ve added hash to the mix, anticipate experiencing a higher level of higher than usual.

In a bong, bowl, bubbler, or spoon pipe

Step 1: Fill the bowl or place the screen.

Start by placing either a metal screen or a thin layer of flour in the bottom of your pipe, depending on the technique you decide to employ. Make sure to only use screens that are intended for smoking. Both of them will make sure that your hash burns evenly and doesn’t just melt and fall to the pipe’s bottom.

Step 2: Include the hash.

Now add a tiny bit of hash to the flower’s or screen’s top.

Step 3: Light it up

Use your bong or pipe as you normally would smoke. Use a stronger lighter if you’re having difficulties getting the hash to burn properly.

Will it melt in a vaporizer or dab rig?

Your hash needs to melt well to vape or dab efficiently. You will have trouble getting it to vaporize if it doesn’t. You can only truly determine how well your hash vaporizes after giving it a try.

You might need to convert your hash into rosin, a cannabis product if your dab rig or vaporizer isn’t working with your hash. Sandwich the hash between two sheets of wax paper to accomplish this. Put everything in a hair straightener that is fully heated and squeezed. Your hash will be transformed into rosin by the application of heat and pressure, making it more suitable for usage in a vaporizer or dab rig.

Vaporize your hash in step two.

Make sure your vaporizer can handle concentrates if you’re using one. If so, just put your hash in the chamber, set the temperature (between 350 and 450 Fahrenheit is advised), turn on the vaporizer, and when it’s ready, inhale through the mouthpiece, balloon, or whip.

Make sure your vaporizer can accommodate a concentrates adaptor, which is often a detachable concentrates chamber if it isn’t already set up to use concentrates. Put your hash in the concentrates adapter in place of the traditional dry herb chamber, turn on the vaporizer as usual, and then remove the concentrates adapter.

Lastly, dab your hash.

Make sure there is water in the water chamber before dabbing your hash. Bring the banger up to the desired temperature (between 350 and 450 Fahrenheit is suggested) using a blow torch or an electric nail. Use a dabber to apply a chunk of hash to the hot banger once it is hot enough. It is advised to use a carb cap when dabbing hash. Placing the carb cap over the banger will allow you to suck air in via the mouthpiece, then you may take it off and breathe in the vapor.

Hot knives

First, create a mouthpiece.Start by halving a water bottle made of plastic. Save the top part to be used as a mouthpiece; discard the bottom half.

Heat your knives in step two.

Purchase two metal knives. Heat them with a blowtorch or on a hot hob. In either case, you must heat them to the point where they are visibly blazing red.

Add your hash in step three.

Allow the knives to gently cool. With your teeth or lips, hold the mouthpiece in place in your mouth. A little piece of hash should be placed on one of the hot blades, and the second knife should be immediately pressed on top of it. 

4. Breathe in smoke

Your hash should begin smoking as soon as it is positioned between the hot knives. Reduce the amount of smoke that escapes by sucking it all up with the mouthpiece.

Why hash is popular among users?

Hash is a relatively popular and accessible cannabis concentrate that produces a significantly stronger high than ordinary flower, which is why many enjoy smoking it. As you can see from this tutorial, the hash is also rather adaptable and comes in a variety of consumption forms.

Why do people dislike hash smoking?

Hash frequently falls short of other concentrates in the current cannabis industry. In comparison to other, pure concentrates that are now publicly accessible, hash typically contains a lot more plant material and other contaminants. Hash is therefore typically far less strong than other concentrates on the market today, even though it is still more potent than the flower.

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